With the dawn of a new era in water use and environmental concerns, one of the biggest positive environmental impacts we can make lies in education. Our River Discovery Program aims to inspire future generations to protect our precious resource: water!

University of Puget Sound, Southwest Semester Program. Photo credit: Kevin Noreen.

RRAFT is pleased to offer River Discovery trips to kids and adults alike! We believe that education plays a very important role in a holistic approach to river conservation and dealing with the impacts of climate change. Our River Discovery Program brings students of all ages to a hands-on classroom- the river! These trips allow folks to have fun while learning and experiencing the magic of a river trip. With help from local experts and professional environmental educators, RRAFT offers custom River Discovery trips that focus on everything from local teaching topics and issues to broad scope environmental concerns and solutions.

Ditch and Reservoir Company Alliance, invasive weed management class. Photo credit: Jennie Noreen

River Discovery Topics include:

  • Invasive species identification and treatment methods
  • Outdoor Career Pathways
  • Water use and allocation policies
  • Riparian ecosystem health
  • River conservation and land management practices
  • Wildlife/habitat protection
  • Cultural history

Interested in a River Discovery trip for your organization or group?

We offer trips on the Gunnison River, Colorado River, and Green River!